[MID] Mischief and Mayhem at the Falls

Join us October 2, 2010 from 9am to 11pm as the Marche of Norborough presents: Mischief and Mayhem at the Falls at Ludlow Falls Camp, just a sparrow's flight from Troy, Ohio; Interstate 75; and the Harvest Day site.

Site fees:
$6.00 ($5.00 if you preregister) for SCA members (proof of membership REQUIRED).
$11.00 ($10.00 if you preregister) for non-members age 13 and up.
$3.00 ($2.50 if you preregister) for children aged 6-12
Free for children aged 5 or under.
Preregister before September 14 to recieve pre-reg pricing
Volunteers who are preregistered with the Volunteer Coordinator to work 4 or more hours get in FREE.

Site is bone dry per site owners. Violators will be removed from site
Fires are not permitted
Our event will include:

  • Hot Lunch Tavern
  • A surprise-filled "Feast of Fools"
  • Armoured (Heavy) Combat
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Archery
  • A&S Classes
  • Bardic Competition
  • Period Gaming
  • Maybe even a snowball fight...

We are also seeking Merchants for our event.

Site is at 2535 S St Rt 48 Ludlow Falls, OH 45339