[CAI] Caidan Open Archery Tournament

Coming up on Saturday, September 18, 2010 is the Caidan Open Archery Tournament, the Kingdom Championship for archery, being held at El Dorado Park Archery Range and graciously hosted by the Barony of Lyondemere. 

We have a busy day planned, with archery as well as an archery-themed arts and sciences competition. The site fee for the Saturday event is only $3 for members, but parking at the park is $7 per vehicle. Carpooling is strongly recommended.

Due to site restrictions on crossbows, the following day, Sunday the 19, will be Caidan Open Crossbow Championship, held at our private range in Redlands. There will be no site fee for the crossbow event, and crash space, if needed, is available on request. 

First of all: You do not need to be an archer to attend; in fact, the archers would greatly appreciate an audience and support from onlookers (much as the fighters do). Bring a chair, some refreshments, and, if you have one, a glass of far-seeing to better see the targets while still keeping comfortably to your seat. Non-archers are welcome to enter the arts competition as well.

About that: the arts competition will be for archery-themed entries in any period art or science. Documentation is encouraged, but does not need to be lengthy. While archery equipment certainly qualifies, so does anything else which involves archery, including research papers, fiber arts (garb or weaving or embroidery...), etc. It just has to relate to archery somehow... and if the connection is not instantly clear, please explain it in your documentation. There will be People's Choice votes as well as a panel of judges, and the combined highest score will be the day's winner.

This year, for the first time, we will be adding a Period Division Championship to the event as well, to encourage the use of period equipment. The period division will also be competing in a standard Royal Round, double elimination tournament, but must use period equipment.  Period bows are described on the IKAC Rules website http://scores-sca.org/public/scores_rules.php?R=10&Shoot=44; the other major difference from Open Division is that self-nocked arrows (or horn nock inserts) are required (by Caidan Archery Handbook rules).  Period Division contenders may also vie for the Open Division Championship, but *must*use different equipment for the two divisions: different bow and different arrows.  A double Champion must demonstrate mastery of both types of equipment.

Winners will be selected through the double-elimination process.  Because this is intended to be an archery championship determined purely by skill at target archery, there will be no bonus points given for making your own equipment, from scratch or from a kit (as is done in the IKAC). Handmade equipment is more than welcome as entries in the A&S competition, however.

There will be prizes for the winners of all of the day's competitions. The Open and Period Champions will also have the honor of bearing the Kingdom Regalia for that division until next year's competition. Present regalia for the Open Division is a sword forged by Master Oso and named for THL Paganus Grimlove, who started the tournament decades ago. Regalia for the Period Division will be a set of six period-styled arrows with a triskele maker's mark (perhaps made by Guy?) in a period-styled quiver decorated in Caidan designs, which was donated as regalia years ago for the tournament by Ungust. The Crossbow Division regalia (formerly a long dagger made by THL Roc of Wintermist) is in need of replacement.  Anyone who would like to assist in the replacement or making of appropriate regalia for the Crossbow Division, please contact me off-list.

Nobody is allowed to succeed themselves in these championships; therefore, Paganus will not be competing in the Open Division, and Ihon MacLucas will not be competing for the crossbow championship, although both may compete in the other divisions. Archers, practice now.