Bran and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies

Recently Lord Bran ap Rees of  the Barony of Bhakail (East Kingdom), served as Event Steward for It Takes My Child to Raze a Village. His account of "magical" aid and volunteerism at the event is an inspiring tale for young and old.

Lord Bran ap Rees writes:

Children, let me tell you the story of Bran and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies. It is a tale of Dancing Fighters and heroism, or alchemy and magic.

There was once an inexperienced Event Steward named Bran. When faced with missing a wonderful fair, or muddling through it himself Bran grumbled and grudgingly volunteered, instantly regretting the idea for worry of all the expectations and details. Bran found the writings of the stewards before him, including the secrets of conjuring the Vivacious Volunteers and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies. With thoughts of his eminant failure Bran called out to these angelic forces and was assured they would be there when he needed them.

As time passed and the day of reckoning approached, problems and needs came to Bran's attention. Before he could say more one of these magical creatures would sweep whisk away issues and fill the chinks in armour and gaps in the wall. Even his Co-Event Steward seemed to have precognitive powers, launching missives to the magical forces even before the issues occured, thinking of details where no one else had, and producing swag from thin air.

Bran worried, for because of how well these unseen cheribim handled thier details, he had nothing to do but to worry. He feared for the event's success because it couldn't possibly be this easy.

The day of the event finally arrived. As Bran nervously paced and wondered if anyone would arive, the Vivacious Volunteers and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies materialized in a whirlwind. Shade flies arose from the ground like sprouting mushrooms; furniture moved as if enchanted. Treasure troves of games, art and science activities sprang open from the very hall walls.

To Bran's bliss and surprise as he paced the hall looking for pitfalls and fires, there was simply wall to wall smiles. Salt was turned to clay, stings to coronets, and bedding to swords. The children of the East Kingdom made and donned heraldry of their own design. Tastey morsels of of food appeared from the ether in wave after wave. The fighters at hand not only displayed their valiant prowess on the list, but joyously danced with thier consorts. The Vivacious Volunteers and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies had done it all.

And then, as magically as it all had come to be, the whole fair disappeared in a twinkling! The furniture returned to it's racks, trash walked itsself to its destinations, the toys put themselves away. Bran was amazed at the strength and longevity of this good magic.

Here, my children, is where you may say most stories would end, but this one has one more chapter.

Bran thought, after all they have done, the least I can do for Vivacious Volunteers and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies is to make them a snack and let them relax and sit, so he invited them to his hovel in the woods. He offered them some food and finally slumped into his chair, tired from all his nervous pacing. With the last bit of magic for the day, and in spite of how tired they were from all they had already done, the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies flew to Bran's hearth, and cleared not only their own dishes, but all that were there, all the dust all the dirt (and home repairs even) - all the while making beautiful music and joyful noise.

The morals in this story are many my children. Many hands make light work, yes. Acts of kindness repaid in kind, yes. But please remember this tale when you too are called for as a Vivacious Volunteers and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairy.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the (It takes *My* Child to) Raze a Village event held 8/28 in Barony Bhakail. It was an amazing event.

I would like all to know what an exceptional society we are part of, the kind of friends we are to one another and the kind of things we can do when we come together.

Still overwhelmed,