Scarlett Keep: "a club focused on recreating by doing"

Scarlett Keep, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has undergone a number of changes, from a medieval history club to a sports club. Now it functions as a chapter of the SCA. Recently Daily Nebraskan reporter Ian Sacks visited the Cattle Raids event to learn about the group.

“We’re a club focused on recreating by doing,” Nicole Krivohlavek, a Scarlett Keep member and junior English major, said about the group. The "doing" includes armored combat, cooking, costuming, illumination, and many other activities and crafts. “We ask what new members are most excited about and do it. Anything they want to make or recreate, we either know how to do it or know someone in SCA who can. There are a lot of experts here,” Krivohlavek said.