“Chivalry and honor aren’t just buzzwords" at the University of Arizona

Curt Booth, who servers as an advisor for the College of St. Felix at the University of Arizona, says he appreciates the SCA because members take chivalry and honor seriously. He, and others, spoke with Steven Kwan of the Daily Wildcat about an upcoming SCA Renaissance Faire demonstration.

“Chivalry and honor aren’t just buzzwords. It’s the way (SCA members) are,” said Curt Booth, administrative secretary in the electrical and computer engineering department and the club’s adviser for the past decade. “I love the fact that I can go anywhere in the world where there’s [an SCA group], and I’ll have friends there. I’ll have people who will put me up for the night, give me a good meal and just show me a really good time, because that’s the same thing I would do for them if they came here.”

The "uberdemo" by the College of St. Felix was scheduled to include "armored duels, swordplay, musical performances, and arts and crafts exhibits" as well as a bellydance demonstration.

A follow-up article on the Renaissance Faire by Steven Kwan was also published in the Daily Wildcat. (photos)