Re-living the Middle Ages in Indiana

The sights and sounds of the Middle Ages were on display at a recent demonstration by the Society for Creative Anachronism at the South Haven Branch of the Porter County Public Library in N Valparaiso, Indian. Janna Odenthal of the Post-Tribune has the story.

Members of the local chapter, Shire of Greyhope, introduced visitors to the library to a number of aspects of the Middle Ages and the SCA including armored combat, costuming, pewter casting and cord making.

"[The Society for Creative Anachronism] does a nice re-enactment," Stan Casella said. "The thing that really stands out to me is that they put a lot of care into the clothing they made. It's very difficult to picture that era. You don't get the sense of textures and stuff that they used. Seeing it up close, the weight of the shield, is ... an immersion experience."