Town criers stretch vocal chords in Chester

SCA court heralds take note: You would have strong competition from the contestants in the recent 2010 Chester World Town Crier Tournament (Chester, UK) in which criers from around the world displayed their vocal capabilities. (video)

The 5-minute video features Town Criers oyze-ing at the 4-day event. Photos from the event are also available online.

Warning: Video will wake cats and small children!

Thanks to Countess Alys Katharine for the link.

I'm in that video

I was one of the town criers competing in the tournament.  I am at 1:50 in the video.  Placed 12th overall and my lady wife and I won the Best Dressed Couple trophy for our Elizabethan garb.  More photos here:


Thanks for sharing the photos!

Very cool that you're in the video, and thanks for letting us know about the other photo album.