Hunting the Wild Steel at Estrella

Lord Nytshaed, Rapier Marshal in Charge for Western Rapier at the Estrella War, sends the call to rapier fighters to band together under the banner of the West Kingdom. Nytshaed writes:


To those who follow the Wild Steel.

Estrella's 20th War is upon us this very next week!

We who fight Rapier in the West have come together as households, even Principalities to fight with our Allies and do honor to the field.

This Year let us come together as a kingdom and draw Steel for the Honor of our glorious Kingdom of The West!

For those mercenaries who fight for the highest bidder we have our eyes on you...nonetheless there is also BEER in the Balance. If we field more fighters who declare themselves fighting under the Western Banner with Caid than Artemesia does the Caidan Royalty will provide all the beer they can drink to those who fought in Estrella at March Crown.

Those pesky disclaimers:

Rapier MiC for Western Rapier at Estrella is Nytshaed. (Douglas Leonard

I will be there representing our KRM for the war as I have the last couple Estrella's. I will arrive in town Tuesday Night, so I will be onsite when the gates open.

I need these from Every Fighter:

1. See me ASAP.
2. Bring your Card(s)
3. DFB refresher
4. Marshals
5. Report any Issues to me ASAP
6. Read and Have fun!

1. I need every Rapier Fighter from the West to check in with me. There are still few enough of us that you will have my undivided attention if you need something related to the Rapier Marshallate.
We have made great strides in the other kingdoms welcoming us and not feeling like they need to babysit us as newbie fighters. We still have to be vigilant and extra careful at events to keep this trend going and let the West become known and welcomed by other kingdoms without question.

2. If you do not have your card with a "melee" notation on it you will not fight without seeing me first and even if you do you should check in for any last minute info.

3. I will grill everyone especially hard on Death from Behind. You must be able to instantly respond if anyone asks you to describe it or we'll be having a mini-class right there. Even just doing DFB improperly is grounds for immediate removal for the duration of the war and I sure don't want to fill out THAT paperwork explaining how you slipped through our training process.

4. We have a small number of fighters, but we still have a responsibility to provide marshals for the Fighting. If you are authorized and able to marshal please let me know and expect to marshal a couple of the melees. Because we have so few relative to the principle kingdoms we are really flexible, so if you hate Rez melees or especially want to fight in a particular scenario let me know and we'll set you up to marshal as appropriate. We do have several non-fighting marshals coming to Estrella and there may be no need, but please be ready to do your part as required.

5. You are allowed to fight because I as RMIC make a promise that I am satisfied that you are properly prepared to do so. If you have any issues at all you MUST bring them to me before leaving the war or at worst write me an email the minute you get to a computer. I have great faith in the Marshals at Estrella and if you resolve your issue with whoever is there that is great, but I need to speak to you directly about anything that was an issue so I can discuss it onsite with the other Kingdom RMIC's and make my final written reports to our KRM as am acting under his authority as RMIC.

Tons of info at the site. From directions to the scenarios and times - it is all there.
The Estrella specific rules like butt down on any leg wound are all there and you are responsible for knowing them. If you try to explain to a marshal that you did not know something spelled out there you will likely be out of the War until you demonstrate that you have not only read, but understand those rules and I will back that marshal up 100%.
Don't come to a War scenario without reading it's description and rules first - you will also have a written briefing supplied onsite - there really is no excuse for not knowing them. They will not be going over them and wasting good fighting time between each one.

Come on out and play and have a good time!

Thank you,