launches new website

Christophor and Emily Wilson have spent the past six months coming up with the concept and direction of the newest website to bring the SCA community together.

The website offers many features that those in the SCA will find informative and appealing.  Some of the features include: blogs, tutorials, classifieds, an event calendar and social network.  Members of the site will be able to stay in contact with friends, help each other learn new skills, and look up events going on locally and globally.

Veteran SCA members can point new and prospective SCA members to the site to get “schooled” in the art of being an SCA participant.  They can ask veterans questions such as “What is a dragon?” or “What should I bring to eat at an event?”  They can also look for garb on the classifieds to get them started or read the blogs about different events so they can know what to expect.

When asked what the goal of the website is, Chris replies, “We want to get people excited about the SCA and to find people out there who would enjoy the SCA that haven’t heard of it yet.  After all, the more the merrier!  In order for the website to be a success we hope new members will spread the word,” says Chris, “We have worked really hard and hope that a lot of people will take advantage of all the site has offer.  Mostly we just want everyone who visits the site to have fun.”

The website is open to anyone 13 years of age and older and is a free service provided by C.S. Wilson & Associates. blog feed available on

I have added the new site's RSS (XML) news feed to our aggregator, so registered users on can optionally choose to display the latest headlines from this new site in a block on their home page.