War unit banners welcome at Great Western War

Their Majesties of Caid have invited all fighting units participating in Great Western War to bring battle banners for display on the field.

To all Free Companies, War Bands, Mercenary Bands, and Brotherhoods of Arms:

Let it be known that their Puissant and Gracious Majesties, Conrad and Eleanor, King and Queen of CAID would invite all those bands of warriors who journey to engage in the joy of battle at Great Western War to bring with them a banner or pennant bearing the device or charge of their company for display upon the field of battle.

There will be a banner stand by the side of the heavy field as well as one by the rapier field to display the charges of those taking the field in a brotherhood of arms. The banners may be placed in the stand when a unit fields for the day and removed when the unit retires, that all who stand witness may know the forces there assembled in joyous combat.

Their Majesties request that unit banner poles be no taller than 9 feet, and that the banners themselves be sized appropriately for display (i.e. No larger than 3 by 5 feet for square banners or 2 by 6 feet for pennants). Kingdom banners may be mounted on a banner pole 12 feet in length and may be larger than unit banners.

Inquiries regarding this invitation may be directed to Sir Rhys Ravenscroft <ravenscroft_34@hotmail.com> or Viscountess Jimena Montoya <widowmontoya@hotmail.com>.