[MID] Harvest Day

Join us for our Barony's 30-year Anniversary as we celebrate "Harvest Day's Greatest Hits", a collection of favorite activities from Harvest Days of yore:

    * Fencing & Armored Combat, including Tavern Brawl, Boar Hunt and Novice Tourneys
    * Archery Tournament and Baronial Archery Competition
    * Period Gaming and Gambling
    * Arts & Sciences Competitions and Classes
    * Comedia
    * Youth Activities


Indian Hills 4-H Camp and Conference Center
8212 West Lauver Road
Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359


    * Cabins!
    * Plenty of room for all manner of outdoor activities, and a large flat field to play on
    * A lovely feast hall
    * A beautiful lake (fishing allowed, catch and release only)
    * Pets allowed so long as they are on leash
    * A discreetly wet site (please be responsible with your enjoyment and your empties)

Site opens at 6pm Friday, September 10th, and closes at 12 noon on Sunday, September 12th.

Bring your business-card-sized "mini-flyer" to be entered in our gate prize drawing!


From I-75 near Troy, Ohio, exit 73 (OH-55). Go east on OH-55/W State Route 55. Turn left at OH-718. Take OH-718 to right turn at Pearson St. Turn left at Walnut St. (becomes W Lauver Rd). Cross bridge, entrance immediately on your left.

Vehicle traffic permitted on marked roadways/pathways only. Driving access will be clearly delineated and strictly enforced. There can be absolutely no driving on the fighting field. Assistance with unloading can be provided to individuals with special needs.

Fees and Pre-registration:
Adults: $8.00     Children: 10-17 $4.00
Family Cap: $24.00     Non-Member Surcharge: $5.00
Volunteer for four hours (retaining, setup, cleanup, troll, list, etc.) and have your site fee refunded! Contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator if interested.
Cabin Camping: $5 per person     Tent Camping: Free
Feast: $10 (Advanced reservations are recommended. Volunteer to serve and eat free!)

Note: Each cabin hold 12 people. Sorry, but we cannot reserve an entire cabin for fewer occupants.

The deadline for pre-registration is September 1st. Send reservations with payment to the Gatekeeper. Make checks payable to: SCA Inc. -- Marche of Winged Hills