[EAL] Coronation

The Coronation of Etain and Valfreya, hosted by Petrea Thule September 25, 2010.     Site: Lindsay Park Armouries 210 Kent St W,
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 2Y8

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Gate Opens at 9:30am – Site Closes at 11pm

SCA Member Site Fee $13.00
Non SCA Member Site Fee $18.00
Site Fee Children $6.00

Lunch $5.00

Feast $14.00

Please Note – There is no open flame allowed but closed flame is permitted (such as an enclosed lantern)   There will also be a Children’s Menu prepared by Lady Adelaide (12 and under) - $4 per child.
Please reserve in advance so we can make sure we have enough for all children.
• Hot Dogs • French Fries • Veggies and Dip • Cupcake •

Armoured Combat

Marshall in Charge
The Honourable Lord Dafydd ap Sion
Russ Sheldon

  • Novice Tournament
  • Definition of Novice will be at TRM's  discretion.
  • Pairs Tournament
  • Pairs may only have maximum of one member of the Order of Chivalry per team

Will be a Bear Pit format with Three List Fields.
            • 1st list field will allow only Weapon/Shield only.
            • 2nd list field will allow two-handed weapons only.  (Spear/2-handed sword/pole weapons)
            • 3rd list field will allow any weapon choices.  No matching of weapons required.

Singles Tournament – also a Bear Pit Format with the same List Field weapons restrictions as the Pairs Tournament.

(Tournaments will be run in this order)

A&S Activities
Roundtable - There will an open roundtable session with Mistress Keja Tselebnika, Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Mistress AElfwyn et Langanwuda and Mistress Adrielle Kerrec for anyone entering or considering entering fall A&S to discuss their entries and review documentation.

Largess Challenge
The Autocrats would challenge all artisans of the Kingdom to create and bring to Their incoming Majesties the fruits of their skills for largess during their reign. These items will be displayed and the most inspirational item will be recognized.

Order and Council Meetings
Privy Council meeting immediately following first Court
The Order of the Pelican meeting at approximately 2pm

Event Stewards
TE Earl Nigel MacFarlane & Countess Adrielle Kerrec

Merchants – are welcome but we ask that you contact the Autocrats in advance to ensure we have sufficient room and tables.

Feast Steward
The Honourable Lady Mahault of Swynford

Head Server
Lady Urraca de la Mar

Anyone interested in serving should contact Lady Urraca
We will need 8-10 servers who will get feast ½ price.

Head Gatekeeper
Mistress Keja Tselebnika

For Reservations:
Please make cheques payable to SCA Petrea Thule
105 Beaver Rd. R.R. 4 Omemee ON K0L 2W0

Royalty Liason
Anneke the Furious