[LOC] Yule Feast

The Barony of Rowany will once again have it's well-accustomed Yule Feast, on Saturday the eleventh day of December at Petersham Town Hall, being stewarded by Anton de Stoc.

About noon, there shall be a Tournament, conducted in honour and in the presesence of Their Majesties of Lochac, Edmund and Leonore, at a nearby and convenient park and then at Four in the afternoon a stately and graceful Ball in the main hall; any Swordsmen or others wishing to conduct matters of honour are advised that under no circumstances is there to be fighting or swordplay inside the Hall, as there are many convenient and quiet alleys, groves and so on close to the hall where swordplay may be conducted in quiet, private and unwitnessed places.

The form of the tournament, and the planned dances and musicke of the ball shall be advised closer to Yule.

A Noble and Plentiful Feast shall start at Seven, and shall continue till an hour before midnight. Any persons unable to eat of meat, or of any other thing, is advised to contact Monsieur de Stoc so that they may be Well Fed.

There shall be the usual entertainments, plays and so on as the good people of Rowany are well accustomed to at Yule.

Bookings are available by Anton de Stoc, or his various minions, at a price of thirty six dollars, plus two dollars for event membership if appropriate. Lazy and imprudent persons who fail to book and pay by the first day of december shall be paying fifty dollars cash at the door, plus two dollars for event membership if appropriate. Actors, entertainers, jugglers, worthy poor willing to labour in the kitchens or hall, and especially musicians are advised to contact Monsieur de Stoc regarding entry for a mere Twenty Dollars. Children below the age of Ten are Free, and between the ages of Ten and Sixteen are Twenty Dollars. Those older than Sixteen are old enough to hold a Sword or a Bow, and thus are to be regarded as any other Lochacer.

Bookings should be made to yule.bookings@gmail.com, or directly with a holding payment to the Steward, Anton de Stoc, which shall be receipted as is proper. Persons paying in full and advance will have the grateful thanks of Monsieur de Stoc and of the Barony ; persons booking and then advising of their non-attendance before food is purchased will be forgiven.

Persons booking, not paying  and then failing to attend will be met with scorn, derision and potential Suits at Law, pursuit by hired bravos etc for their share of the moneys spent by the Barony of Rowany on hire of the hall, food purchased and so on and so forth. Monsieur de Stoc denies all knowledge of exactly what Lawyers, Bravos, Hired Murderers and such will charge for the collection of Lawful Debts, such as those from when persons book but fail to either cancel in time or pay their Lawful Debt.

If any person is allergic to any food or other substance, or abstains of meat, pork, wheat, certain spices and so on, they are to advise this will booking if they wish to be Well Fed. Persons failing to advise of special diets will take their chances at to what they may Eat on the night.

Again, book to yule.bookings@gmail.com with your Names, dietary requirements and if you wish to assist through Musicke, Labour in the Kitchens and Hall, or in other means as needed by the Steward, Chief Cook or others,

Monsieur de Stoc may be contacted as to any other matters at ian.whitchurch@gmail.com, and is usually to be found at Rowany fencing practice, often at Rowany Fighter Practice and may be seen at events throughout the Kingdom.