Bard to perform Beowulf in Berkeley

October 26-30, 2010 in Berkeley, CA, medievalist and early music specialist Benjamin Bagby will perform the epic saga of Beowulf. His performance will be accompanied by Anglo-Saxon harp.

All performances will take place at 8:00 pm at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Playhouse

In addition, Bagby and Dr. Stefan Morent will offer a free discussion of the performance at 12:00 pm on October 29.

From the website:

For over a thousand years, one of literature's greatest tales has waited in silence. Now, a modern-day bard brings Beowulf  to life. In this unique performance, Benjamin Bagby combines theater and music, performing the classic tale of King Hrothgar, the monster Grendel, and the hero Beowulf in the original Anglo-Saxon (with supertitles), while simultaneously providing the musical accompaniment on Anglo-Saxon harp. "Bagby comes as close to holding hundreds of people in a spell as ever a man has...That is much too rare an experience in theater" (The New York Times).

For more information, visit the website.

Bagby's Beowulf-

I strongly encourage anyone who can to attend this. I've seen this performance live and I have a copy of the DVD and it is beyond awesome. I can't recommend it enough.