[DRA] Yule Ball

To the luminous and enlightened populace of Drachenwald whose radiance shines forth upon the Knowne World like a guiding light unto the travel-weary, doth the Shire of Flintheath light their beacon to welcome all to their great winter festival of Yule Ball.

Dread not the dark days and the creeping cold, but come and be warmed by our fireside and envigorated by dance, games and song as together we feast and celebrate the midwinter season.

Don your best gowns and finest cotes, let good ale brew roses in the coldest cheeks and taste the fine hospitality of the talented and convivial folk of this illustrious Shire. To warm up the blood, the day will start with Rapier and Armoured combat, there will be classes in the afternoon and the best potter in East Anglia, Kate Philips, will set up a stall. In the afternoon and evening, to guard against the chill, there will be dancing and the Yule Ball will follow after feast.

Since it will also be the season of giving and receiving gifts, we ask all attendees to bring with them a small gift to exchange. This could be something you have bought, or something you have made. We aim for no-one to leave the event empty-handed.

De Aula:
The hall is but an arrow-shot distance from the horse-paddocks of Newmarket, at the Jarman Centre:
The Jarman Centre
119 Duchess Drive
Newmarket CB8 9HB www.cambseastguides.org.uk/jarmancentre/

Accommodation consists of bunks, (only mattresses are provided) and there are several showers on site.

The site is wet and naked flames are allowed only in the main Hall.

No pets are allowed. Camping is possible but inadvisable given the nature of ID winters of late.

If you wish to camp, please indicate this in your reservation and you will be told the charge attached.

Follow the A1304 into the Newmarket. At the round-about by the Clock Tower, turn onto Old Station Road (B1063), follow it forking slightly to the right where it becomes Cheveley Road. At the end of the road, it will look like a T-Junction, but you can actually continu across, past a ‘traffic calming island’ into Duchess Drive. Follow the road until you see a sign for the Jarman Centre on the left. There will be a small parking area on the right hand side.

Closest Train Station/National Coach stop is Newmarket, (Collections Available) closest Airport is Stansted. (collections possible – might be small fee)

Site will open at 4pm on Friday 3rd December and close at 1pm on Sunday 5th December.

De Sumptus:
Friday night to Sunday (including all meals) = £20
Saturday to Sunday (including meals) = £15
Day-tripping (including lunch and feast) = £10
Children under 14 = £Free

Meals consist of Traveller’s Fare on Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and Feast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer to do any job (feast servers, clean-up crew, etc), or most especially if you are a musician and would like to play during the evening ball, please also make yourself known to the Event Steward.

Please contact the Reservations Steward – Lady Agatha ofNorwich, on key.ellis@ntlworld.com with the following information:
SCA Name
Legal Name
Length of visit
Any collections/lifts required
Any dietary requirements
Confirmation that you will be bringing a gift.

We would appreciate it, if those attending from ID, would pay in advance at any event convenient in between now and December. This will confirm accommodation. Those coming from outside the Principality, would need to forward confirmation of travel to secure a bunk.

De Servus:
Event Steward:
Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter
Email: melisende1380@yahoo.co.uk

Reservations Steward:
Lady Agatha of Norwich
Email: key.ellis@ntlworld.com

Feast Cook:
Lady Ceara inghean Eoin mhic Lucais
Email: trekatz@yahoo.com

Lord Gyles Rochester

A&S Co-ordinator:
Lady Ayesha Trentacapilli di Salerno