Medieval marital relations flowchart

Life was tough for married - and non-married -- couples in the Middle Ages, with rules for all manner of conduct. A flowchart created by James Brundage for his book Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe helps moderns understand. [PG-13]

The flowchart is available to view on the Boing Boing website.

Thanks to THL Dirk Edward of Frisia for this fun link.

RE: marital relations flowchart-

We actually had a copy of this when I was taking Canon and Marriage Law (from a Dominican, no less!) in school. It really is pretty accuate insofar as the almost Byzantine maze of rules to wiggle through. However, it seems that the majority of medieval Christian folks didn't necessarily adhere to those rules, hence our existence today. :-) There are some things that seem to be stronger than rules meant to control them, and sexual urges are a good example.