[NOR] Brrr... A Dern Cold Day in Hale Resurrected!

Come join your brothers and sisters in a day of fun, friends and learning as we
gather to share in the arts and sciences of our fellows! Bring your projects!

We're looking forward to a day sharing what we're working on, learning from each other, and just enjoying each other's company! Three separate but close locations offer the ability to host a wide range of classes to cover almost all areas of the Arts and Sciences!

From a workshop for woodworking, smithing and armoring, to a second shop for the basics of leathering working, to a large room with attached kitchen for cooking, weaving, sewing, painting and more!

Teachers Wanted
Teachers are still needed if anyone would be interested in sharing your love of
a particular subject! We have a full kitchen if anyone would like to teach a
class on any subject related to period foods and then enjoy the products of your
studies! We have a shop with areas for armoring, blacksmithing, woodworking and more for those that would like to host a class in any of those related subjects, just a short walking distance from the main site! We have a leather working class less than a blocks walking distance from the main site as well! Main site is a large room with plenty of tables and electricity!

If you would be interested in teaching a class at this event please contact the event steward, Lady Xene Eirenikina.

There are three locations:

  • Mellette County Courthouse Basement - Full Kitchen available
  • White River School District 4th Street Side Entrance
  • Powell Shop on 6th Street and McKinnley Ave (Fully equipped for forging and metal and wood work.)

Site fee: Donations accepted for expenses. Class fees as determined by
instructors and will be posted on website.

Site is dry