[MID] Fox Hunt VI

Good gentles and ladies all, our annual hunt is fast approaching and this year we are doubly blessed that the Ladies of the Rose have elected to grace our hunt with their most glorious Tournament of the Rose and Their Royal Majesties Radagaisus and Ceinwen will seal the day’s activities with the investiture of the Baron and Baroness of Ayreton.

In honour of the Ladies of the Rose, the fairest flowers of the realm, and the new Barony of Ayreton, we summon the newest fighters of the realm to rise early on the day and to take part in a novice tourney. This is your chance to show that whether new or seasoned the fire of the dragon burns brightly within all. The winners of this novice tourney will be given an opportunity to join the chosen champions of the Roses and take the field in the highlight of the days chivalric activities, the Tournament of the Rose!

In celebration of the days events, a feast among feasts is planned to delight the palate and excite the senses. Epulum Vulpes Rosa: a late roman culinary adventure. Guided by an infamous team of Ayreton's talented cooks, prepare to sample such delicacies as Fried "Fox Tongues", Spit-Roasted "Peacocks" and "Cranes", and an extravagant sampling of the freshest fruits and exotic delicacies from the farthest reaches of the Empire. Years from now, when stories of this feast are told, you will want to tell people you were there!

The celebration will continue into the night with bards, music and dancing.

Stonehouse Park - A dedicated historical re-enactment site, set amongst a mix of oak forests and prairie. Located 30 minutes south of Dekalb. More information including directions can be found at http://www.stonehousepark.net/directions.htm. The address is: 3719 Suydam Road, Earlville, IL 60518.

The event opens at 4pm Friday and closes at 1pm on Sunday.

Camping / Overnight Options
Tent camping is covered by the weekend site fee of $23.
RV camping (with hookups) is available for an additional fee of $15 per night per RV.
Several basic "trailer cabins" with 6, 8 and 12 bunks are available for $60 per night. Email Richard, bernal@schooley.us, for more info and to check availability.

Armored combat, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, children’s activities, classes.

The "Dessert" Fox Inn will be open for Saturday breakfast and lunch with baked goods available at both. The Saturday feast will include a full service high feast, a buffet style low feast and a separate children’s feast.

This is a wet site, please drink responsibly.

Outdoor space available with water and electric hookups. Cost $20. Please bring your own pavilion or fly and tables. Contact Birgitta Herringadottir, birgitta025@yahoo.com

Site Adults (Weekend/Day Trip): $23 / $13
Age 15 and under: free
Non-member surcharge: $5
High Feast: $12 / Children’s Feast: $6 / Low Feast: $6
All pre-registrations must be paid and received by September 1st. There are no discounts for pre-registration, it simply speeds the check-in process and locks in your feast tickets. We sell out our feast early every year, so pre-registration may be your only option for getting a seat for the feast this year!

Please make pre-registration checks payable to "SCA-IL Shire of Foxvale"

Fox Hunt Event Stewards
Richard de Scolay, bernal@schooley.us
Gareth Ostwestly, ostwestly@yahoo.com

Rose Tourney/Court Contact
Sarafina Sinclair, sarafina.sinclair@gmail.com