Pennsic Battlefield cookbook now available

Fans of Pennsic's Battlefield Bakery will be glad to know that a cookbook, authored by Bakery proprietors Marian Walke (aka Marian of Edwinstowe, aka Old Marian) and Bonnie Feinberg, is now available.

The book includes researched recipes used at the bakeshops run by the two women, as well as remembrances of years or cooking at the War. Two versions of the book are available, one with black and white inner pages, and one with color pages.

From the website:

This cookbook contains recipes from and remembrances of two people involved in two cook shops which served food during an annual medieval fair in Western Pennsylvania over the course of many years. While not a scholarly work, the book is based on solid research into medieval recipes which have been updated for modern tastes and techniques. The result is a practical cookbook which also contains fun inside information on what it is like to participate in historical re-creation activities in the culinary realm. There are recipes for stews, vegetables, savory and sweet baked goods, breads, drinks, and more.

Nice people, and I miss them from Pennsic

Battlefield Bakery always had delicous food -- the spinach turnovers were awesome! They also were very generous with donations of leftovers to the Chirurgeonate at the end of the day. When they closed shop, they often brought their extras over to us who were on duty on the night shift.

Nice people, and good food. They are missed from Pennsic.