[ATL] Midnight at the Oasis III

Please Join the Canton of Nimenefeld for the III annual Midnight at the Oasis. This one travels down the Silk Road which was one of the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes and its influences on the culture of China, Central Asia and the West.

- but for how long. The Fatimids are coming and have landed at Ascalon. The Christians can face a siege in Jerusalem, or meet the Fatamids in the field. The First Crusade has 9,000 foot soldiers and 1,200 knights and they will face a Fatamid Cavalry numbering 5,000 with an infantry boasting 15,000 soldiers. The Princes Raymond of Toulouse, Godfrey de Bouillion, and Tancred are in command and desperately need to make their forces look larger and more numerous. So they raid the countryside, stealing every available cattle, goat, and camel and herding them along. Will the rouse work?  Will the Fatamid forces be turned back by a force half their size? It worked in 1099, but this year may be different.The Battle of Ascalon!!! The year is 1099 and the Holy City of Jerusalem is ruled by Christendom at last Elephant Stomp!!!

Stomp, right here in our stomping grounds at MATO, just after feast. There will be drinking, eating, drumming, and of course, dancing!! We will provide the beer, the meat, water and soft-drinks, and the place. Anything else is BYOB, but we'll be happy to serve it to you. You really don't want to miss this!! See you there!!The Knightly Company of the Banner of the Elephant invites all MATO attendees to our 7th annual Elephant

player, Azadeh. With great skill, Bahram "Gur" (Wild Ass) shot an arrow that removed the horns of a male gazelle, transforming his appearance into that of a female, and shot two arrows into the head of a female gazelle, transforming her appearance into that of a male. Then pierced a third through the ear and hoof with a single arrow. This is a story written by the poet Firdausi. This year we will try to achieve this same feat. As always Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and I will have some loaner gear.In the year 1000, The Sasanian King Bahram V was challenged to feats of archery by his favorite lyre

Point that will be located at the list field under the Baronial Tent. At 10:00  a.m. there
will be a Newcomer's Orientation by Lady Rosanella Vespucci, Chatelaine for the
Barony of Windmasters' Hill. All newcomers to the SCA (defined as those who have attended two events or less) will receive a Newcomer's Token, a comprehensive information packet, and complimentary delicacies. There will also be a drawing for the chance to win a special prize to help you begin your SCA Dream!We invite all newcomers to stop at the Newcomers' Martial Activities: Armored, Rapier and Target Archery


Adult, Member: $12.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast
Adult, Non-Member: $17.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast
Youth (5-17): $7.00 Day-Trip $8.00 Feast
Child (0-4): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast
Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Canton of Nimenefeld

Site Restrictions:
to minors or in any way violating modern law will be removed from site and reported to modern authorities. Fires must be in reliable metal fire pits. No ground fires. All pets must be on a leash AND attended by a responsible person. No fishing in Pond. Anyone caught supplying alcohol

Feast Information: Feast is being prepared by Edward Kinslae. Please contact him with
questions regarding the feast

Merchanting Information:

Merchants are welcome, Jodocus Menig von Badenweiler frankmenius@yahoo.com

Autocrat: Zita Dominguez bherman@wrightsbuilding.com

Reservations: Adelheid Menig von Badenweiler erikamenius@yahoo.com

Site: Optimist Farm. 2908 Optimist Farm, Apex, NC 27539