SCA members create guild on World of Warcraft

Alastair Ronal Kester Aeyalweard has announced the creation of a guild on World of Warcraft for SCA folk who want to adventure together in cyberspace when they can't be together in person at events.

Alastair writes:

For those SCAdians of the "WoW Persuasion", we have set up an "SCA Guild" titled "Defenders of the Dream" alliance and horde on the MADORAN Server.

Our "Guild Tabard" is the Arms of the SCA.

We have a guild bank, and there are several SCAdians [and friends of same] on already.

Come Join the  fun and fellowship that ONLY the SCA can bring to ANY group be it online or on the field!

Server:  Madoran
Faction: Alliance
Faction: Horde
Contacts: Message in game Alastyr or Gnyriece or Kylancey or Pridatha - or just look for "Defenders of the Dream" and "Avengers of the Dream" [Horde side]

HUZZAH!!!  We also recommend the "SCA Friendly" yahoo list [linked below], a great place to meet and share a bit of the=20
dream when you are unable to attend any sca functions.

Alastair Ronal Kester Aeyalweard

Republished, with minor editing, by kind permission of the author.