[WES] Festival of the Nine Worthies

"Festival of the Nine Worthies" is being presented by Thistletorr Shire on Saturday, September 18, 2010. Site opens at 10:00 Am, Armor inspection begins at 10:00 AM, Fighting begins at 11:30 AM.

The Event Autocrat is Conrad Jager Von Thuringen. Should you wish to contact him his email address is: mehit_kherh@yahoo.com

The site is the small tree shaded park and air conditioned building that is located on the corner of Acacia Street and Butte House Rd. in Sutter, Ca. The actual physical address is 7740 Butte House Road, Sutter, Ca. 95982.

There will be tokens that can be bought by the gallery attendants and Pas participants to give to give away for acts of Chivalry, tokens of admiration and so forth.These tokens are wonderful mementos based upon a small roman coin, ribboned and beaded. They will be quite inexpensive and sold in multiples.

There will also be bags of small coins available, (also inexpensively) for betting on Pas participants or on the fights in the other arena that is for warm ups or separate challenges not involved in the Pas.

The fighting will be in four separate rounds to three counted blows at each bout with a 3 minute per bout time limit. There will be a break between each round for the Gallery to chose from among the appellants, who  will be allowed the honor of being the first through fifth to challenge the defendants in each of the subsequent rounds.
Between rounds will be acts of whimsey and entertainment. Those attending the Pas are encouraged to help entertain if they wish. Please contact me personally if you would like to be included as an entertainer.

For levity and entertainment there will be an on foot joust, (done in the Monty Python Style).

In the four rounds weapons will be a choice of matched, great swords, maces with bucklers, pole axes on foot at large or at the  barrier, or daggers with bucklers on foot or at large and lastly, knowledge on chivalric virtues and the Nine Worthies. The weapons and bucklers will be supplied by our shire, however please bring your own hand protection, and other weapons styles for fun later in the day or between the rounds,as we will also be setting up a small separate arena for separate challenges between fighters wishing further combat.

All participants in the Pas are asked to prepare a short speech introducing themselves and why they are fighting in the Pas D' Armes. This can be preformed by the participant or their herald if they brought one. If they wish, participants can herald for other participants as well.

Please look your best as a part of a Pas is the look and feel of opulence and atmosphere. Surcoats are encouraged. Polished and cleaned armor is also greatly appreciated. All participants are encouraged to bring a banner of your or your Lady's arms, or a simple colored banner if you do not have your arms passed as of yet. Have it attached to a pole. The pole is not to exceed one inch in diameter and shall be from between six to eight feet tall.

Although we of Thistletorr Shire love children, this event is really for those 16 years and older. So please, come and enjoy the companionship of your SCA friends at a fun event and feast.

Due to the size of our facilities,the tickets are limited for this event and shall be at the cost of $15.00 per person which will include watching or participating in the Pas, entertainment and eating at the banquet.The dishes will be based upon each of the "Nine Worthies" countries or travels and each ones time in history. Lady Marjia MacAlpine and Lord Arnaud des Montaznes Rouges will be sharing the chefing duties.