[ATE] Middle Eastern Feast

Mysterious are the gentle tugs on the strings of all possessing a wanderer's heart encouraging them to take a journey and enjoy the generous hospitality within the borders of the luminous pearl of Atenveldt, Twin Moons.

The intense heat we enjoy at this time of year lets our hearts know it is,once again, time for Middle East Feast. Let yourselves give in to the exotic desires of sight, taste and sound while you let the cares of the world slip away like grains of sand blown from the tops of dunes and falling into the valleys below where you will hear tales like those told by Scheherazade and her stories of The One Thousand and One Nights.
The first chapter of the day's story will see our benevolent Baron and
Baroness, Morgan and Elizabeth, welcome all to Their lands. The tale will be wonderfully embellished and interwoven with a Queen's Arts and Sciences Display and a competition for tellers of tales that will be held throughout our sojourn at this exotic event.

Another chapter in this interesting tale encourages you to close your eyes and hear the drums, feel the beat heating your blood and dance in such a way that your hands raise to the sky in joy and your feet hit the earth as if denouncing it.

Savor the scents of the spiced dishes making up the feast as they waft among those gathered adding a hungry and expectant undercurrent to the story of the day so far.

And finally, closing the story and the day as the sun sets on the Barony and story we have created in our hearts and minds, where we will lock away memories of the day's events; sharing laughter with a fellow volunteer, witnessing the well deserved recognition of a friend or cherishing the playful flash of a dancers eye as we all journey home again refreshed and ready for our return to modern life.

Activities: Come prepared to tell your tales and listen to the tales of others. All tellers of tales are welcome and, via populace vote, the best tale will be awarded a prize.

A silent auction will be held to benefit our youth combat program. Support our youth, please!

A Queen's request Arts and Sciences Display will be hosted by Queen Damiana who asks all artisans to bring their displays of talent to share with Her and those in attendance.

Site: Site opens at 10am and closes at 6:30pm with the location: Love of Christ Lutheran Church; 1525 N. Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205

Directions: Make your best way to the US-60 traveling East through Tempe and Mesa, take Power Road Exit and turn left (North), drive North, the site is on the Right side of the road.

Fees: Site fees are: $10.00 per Adult (18yrs and over) and $6.00 per Youth (5 to 17 years of age) The $5.00 non-member surcharge will apply.

Feast fees are: $10.00 for Adults and $4.00 for Youth (same age limits

All pre-reservations for the site fee and feast fee must be made using the ACCEPS payment system. http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

Feast reservations will close on AUGUST 14TH. There will be no additional feast reservations available at the door.  We strongly encourage you to make your payment in advance as soon as possible due to the popularity of this event.

Event Stewards: Lady Adriana: Slane@juno.com, Lord Joseph: salvadore_fisher@yahoo.com

Entertainment : Sayyida Kessa bint Badr: kessa7@juno.com

Queen's Prize A&S Display : Lord Leot mac Grigair: carvedinbone@yahoo.com

Feast Steward: Lady Derdrie the Herbalist, aka Laura Rutherford: egwene81@hotmail.com

Merchant Coordinator: Lady Helena de Argentoune: hrjeffcott@aol.com