[CAL] Calontir Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium

Welcome to the second Calontir Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium! This event is something special in Calontir: an event dedicated wholly to in-depth, hands-on study of medieval metal and glass work. Here, you can immerse yourself in the work and learn things which can't be taught in a short class, and take something home with you. Teachers have a venue for those projects which just can't fit into most other events. For the craftsmen and women of Calontir, this event is for you.

This year, we are dedicating the Symposium to the medieval treatise, On Divers Arts, by the pseudonymous Theophilus. On Divers Arts is the premier medieval metal and glass working treatise, and we invite you to share in our exploration of it. This and other metal and glass working treatises can be found for sale online with Potboiler Press, one of our local Calontir booksellers.

We are still eagerly seeking more classes and teachers! If you have a metal or glassworking class you would like to offer, check out the Teachers Info. Is your group interested in running an Inn for fund-raising? If so, contact the event steward. Inn slots are first-come, first-claimed.


The Symposium is being held at 18683 Hwy CC, Warrenton, Missouri 63383.

Site Fee: $6, family cap $24, under 18 $5, 12 and under free. Non-Member Surcharge ($5) will be in effect for all adult non-members. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.–Barony of Three Rivers.

Facilities: Port-o-Johns and showers will be available. (Showers are an added bonus this year!)
This is a camping event, so be prepared.

Food: The nearest food is 9 miles offsite. Inns will be available for saturday and sunday, and
monday breakfast.

To bring: Chairs will be in short supply. If you want to sit while you work, please consider
bringing your own.

Event Steward:
H.L. Francis Bean

Backup Steward:
Lord Isengrim Sleggja

What to expect: The Symposium is a hands-on event dedicated to the medieval arts of Metal and Glass. Expect a solid offering of hands-on classes where you can get dirty, make something, and take it home with you. In the evenngs, we'll have the bonfire going, with the songs and stories of Calontir.

Food and water: the nearest food is 9 miles off site. We will have a full complement of Inns covering breakfast, lunch and dinner for Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast on Monday. Water comes from a cistern onsite.

Site Rules

   1. Pets are allowed at this site. Please keep your pet under control at all times. Dogs should be attended and kept on a leash or otherwise penned at all times. Be forewarned that there are neighborhood dogs who will be roaming loose and take this into accout in your planning. Please clean up after your pet.

   2. Fires are permitted on site. Be safe and replace your turf when you clean up.

   3. The site is openly wet. Please be courteous and considerate.

   4. The dumpster is for event waste, including your own. There will be a list of materials which must not be thrown in the dumpster. Please follow the list so that we can continue to use our waste removal service.

   5. In keeping with Society rules, this is a garbed event. All attendees must make an attempt at pre-1600 clothing. This is a good event for the grubby old T-tunic.

We will have 7 Inns for the event. As groups sign up to run the Inns, we will post menus here.

Breakfast, Saturday 4 September 2010, 8am-9am.
Sponsoring group: The B3R Coronet Fund

Lunch, Saturday 4 September 2010, noon-1pm.
Sponsoring group: The B3R Coronet Fund