Newport Ship Linked to Earl of Warwick

News Telegraph: The Earl of Warwick, England's "Kingmaker," may have ordered repairs to the Newport ship, discovered in 2002 in South Wales, according to a 1469 letter. The Newport ship is back in the news. This time it's being linked to the Earl of Warwick who, in a letter dated 1469, ordered the repairs to an ocean-going ship. Historian and former curator of Newport Museum, Bob Trett, made the connection recently with the letter found in Warwickshire's county archives. The date of the letter fits the time period of Warwick's political intrigues during the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV. Trett believes repair of the ship might have been abandoned when Warwick was exiled and the ship was left to rot.

The Warwick ship is the most complete medieval ship discovered in England to date. To read the complete article, click on the header above. For related articles, click on the links below.

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