Creating an SCA persona

SCA newcomers faced with creating a persona may want to visit Modar's Heraldry Page for information and links on how to build a usable SCA persona.

Links included on the website:

  • Research Questions for Developing a Persona
  • Persona stories of various gentles from the Shire of Adamestor
  • WHO'S WHEN: A History Timeline
  • (A list of people that can be researched to determine historic events that would impact the lives of your persona.)
  • Seamus Donn's Persona Story
  • On Choosing a Name and a Persona; A Quick and Dirty Guide by Daniel Raoul Le Vascon du Navarre
  • Rhonwen y Llysieuydd's Persona Story
  • Portraying a Japanese Buddhist Monk in the SCA
  • Four Easy Steps To Persona Development
  • Echna dalta Óengusa's Persona Story
  • Finding a Rapier Persona by Isobel Grace Hadleigh
  • Finding a Name and Arms for the Historical Re-Creation by Alan Fairfax