[WES] Oerthan Winter Coronet

The Shire of Earngyld is pleased to host the Oerthan Winter Coronet of A.S. XLV on January 15th and 16th, Gregorian 2011. The following should provide some basic information for initial planning. There will be further information posted as the details become available.

The site is the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council building downtown. The JAHC is a spacious building with high ceilings and thick wooden floors that will allow for the Coronet Tournament and Roses Tournaments to be held indoors. It is located downtown, within a couple of blocks of a grocery store, a hardware store (for those last-minute armor emergencies), a pharmacy, and numerous restaurants, and across the street from the State Museum. 

Feast will be available, as will other foods over the course of the weekend. The site will open Saturday morning and close Sunday afternoon, with the building locked overnight (midnight to 7 am) for any who wish to leave items at the site. There will be a gathering Friday evening, details TBD.

Competitions and other activities are still in the works.  Got an idea of something you'd like to sponsor or teach?  Let me know! 

The site fee will be $20 for adults, $10 for children, and free for the smalls. Feast will be an additional $10.

There are a few housing options:
We will be reserving a block of rooms at a local hotel, *likely* the Super 8 (which has shuttle service).  The Extended Stay (which is an easy one-block walk from the airport) and Best Western are also good options. 

There is a pretty nice hostel that is open to adults, and can accomodate 40+ people at $10/night/person.  They have requested that anyone who wishes to stay there please let me know by December 31, and I will reserve us as a group. It is in walking distance of the site.We will have limited crash space (approximately 12 to 15 spaces) available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please let me know if you have pet allergies that we need to avoid. (Even if you talked to me or Karl about crash space at Summer Coronet, please drop me an email so that you make it on the formal list.)

There appears to be a discount code with Alaska Airlines in the works, more info to come.  Alternately, the PFD sale in October tends to have really good prices. And the Legislative Session begins January 18th, so you have an opportunity to combine the trip with seeing your state government in action, and take advantage of the special legislative air fare. (Driving down to Haines or Skagway to catch the ferry is NOT recommended that time of year since there can be heavy snows that close the passes.)  As we find out about deals, we will pass along the info.

Autocrat: Elisa von Sophey, shusmarx at yahoo dot com

We look forward to welcoming you to our most beautiful lands to witness history in the making!