[AET] Bards and Bows 2010

The Shire of Sterlynge Vayle is pleased to announce that Bards and Bows, sponsored by the Damp Dragon Inn, will be returning to its original site. On Saturday, September 11, 2010 event will be held at Camp Sertoma, Johnson Road (no number), in Windsor, NY.

Our site for this event last year was beautiful, but we are thrilled to return to the traditional site for this event, Camp Sertoma, which is much, much closer to Binghamton and much easier to get to. The site opens at 8:00 AM and closes when everything is clean on Saturday night. Anyone still lingering after 9:00 PM will be pressed into service for site clean up.

This event will offer archery events of all kinds including combat archery, royal rounds, and team archery combat. Though this event does focus on archery, we will not be ignoring those who want to whack people with big sticks. We are planning a heavy weapons tourney, as well as fencing combat.

In keeping with the bardic theme of the event, we are hosting performance events, such as music, singing, and poetry recitals. Bards, come and sing for your supper! Those who wish to entertain during the day or during the feast will be offered our wondrous feast at no charge! (Limited to the first bards who pre-register to claim this reward.)

As always, a delicious feast is being planned for you to enjoy. Sterlynge Vayle is proud of its well-deserved reputation of serving wonderful feasts. Please contact the autocrats at least two weeks in advance at with any dietary concerns, including the need for vegetarian dishes, as we cannot adjust the menu that day. There will be limited seating for feast, so be sure to get your reservation in early.

The cost for this event is $20.00 onboard/$10.00 offboard. Both will include a sideboard lunch. Minors aged 13 - 17 are $16.00/$8.00, children aged 5 - 12 are $10.00/$5.00, and babes under 5 are welcome at no cost, so bring the whole family. We will be collecting the NMS of $5.00 from anyone not carrying proof of SCA membership. Please make checks payable to SCA, INC. -- Shire of Sterlynge Vayle. Send your reservations to: Lady Caitr'ona Fhail inghean U Chonaill, called Kayley. As this is just a one day event, there is no camping or sleeping space available at the site.

As part of our effort to minimize site fees, we will be hosting a silent auction of items created by our talented populace. Donations are always welcome. Anyone wishing to teach a Bardic or Archery class is encouraged, just contact the Autocrats. Merchants are welcome with no fee, but an item donated to the silent auction is encouraged. Please contact the Autocrats and tell them how much space you would like.

Please address any other questions or concerns to the Autocrats, Lady Caitr?ona Fhail inghean U' Chonaill, called Kayley kayleyofsterlyngevayle@yahoo.com, and Lord Robert Bob the Herald O' Connor e-mail: RobertTheHerald@yahoo.com

Site rules: No fires outside of already established firepits and fireplaces. Camp Sertoma is a dry site. Smoking is limited to the road *only*, and please police your butts. No animals except for service animals. Please avoid using incense and scented candles. Please be aware that cell phone service may be unpredictable at the site.

As many will remember, our traditional Bards and Bows site, Camp Sertoma in West Windsor, NY, is only about five miles from Binghamton, NY, making it so much easier to get to, more affordably, and in much less travel time than our previous site in Deposit.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Binghamton, NY. From Binghamton, travel East on I-86/Rte. 17 EAST. Take exit #76, which is just a couple of miles from the route 81 and route 17(I-86) split. Turn LEFT onto Johnson Road. The camp is approximately one mile up the hill, on the right. Look for the SCA signs.