[EAL] A Kid in King Quilliam’s Armada

YYYYYAAAARRRRRRR MATES!! Who said that Pirates can’t have FUN!!  Bring your shipmates and join us for a day of mayhem and revelry.

  • Create and Name your own Ship, Crew and Flag!
  • Set your ships team to tug-o-war over the Swamp of Eternal Stench (Parents note: Although a good hose down and a bath may be required, it doesn’t smell THAT bad.)
  • Make your own stained glass ship!
  • Cannon ball toss.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like if your shipmates could just toss those cannon balls back? (Water Balloons)
  • Walk the Plank. Cross and board the opposing ship without losing your balance. (Some assistance will be available for younger ones)
  • Forget the 1 legged Pirates! We have 3 legged Pirates.  AND they LOVE to race!
  • Treasure hunts complete with buried treasure!
  • Classes in all manner of skills necessary for Pirate life.
  • Boffer tournaments.
  • Youth Archery with Pirate theme targets.
  • Parent supervised pool.
  • Adults Area.

We will encourage youth to make Ship Teams and Names and compete in the various events.  There will be no losers, only new friendships. We encourage teams to include parents and friends.  The events focus is on companionship and teamwork. As Adults in a Society that is very adult oriented, we would encourage our youth to take that step to learn why we love the SCA and give us the opportunity to show our children what makes the SCA so special to us. Be it a love of History, Garb, Social, or Combat.
Lunch will be available in the Galley for our Pirates-in-training. There will be chicken on a stick with a bag of snacking goodies available from 10:30 on till 4. John the Rude will be roasting a beast on the spit. There is a port-a-castle available but only running water is at the house. 
Rules will be handed to all adults who enter site. Rules MUST be followed or they will be asked to leave. There will be no exceptions.

Date: Saturday, August 28/2010
Site open/close: 10am till 6pm

Site fee: $8 Adults, $4 kids (5-15), 5 and under free
Location: Finally Oaks

Autocrats: Lady Jeanna ap Keane and Lord Dmitri Kieva
Reservations: Baroness Aibhilin fra Skye leslie.falzone@cogeco.ca,
Site Directions:
From St. Catharines North: QEW to Victoria Rd exit, go south and follow this to HWY 20 ten to fifteen minutes. On the escarpment at the lights turn right onto HWY 20. Take this for approximately 11 minutes. ***DO NOT GO TOWARD SMITHVILLE. Proceed to a 4-way stop at Bismark. This is 3 km from our home. Proceed west onto #65 or Silver St. At Krick Rd. turn left. This is a small gravel road and easy to miss. Our home is the first on the right with two large rocks at the start of the driveway. Just ignore the dog and don't try to pet him.

From St Catharines South, 406 to HWY 20 (this is the Fonthill, Lundy's Lane exit). Turn right onto HWY 20 and follow this through Fonthill and on to Bismark approximately 20 minutes. Continue from ***

From Hamilton/Toronto: QEW to Centennial Dr. exit. Take this south to Binbrook which means when Centennial turns into HWY 20 you are going through that stop light and proceeding south to Binbrook. (15mins) At the lights in Binbrook turn left; now you are 17 minutes away. Follow Binbrook Rd through to Niagara Region and then past Abbington and Caistor Centre and Winslow. There are two flashing lights; the second amber flashing light is on Port Davidson Rd. Krick Rd. is the next right past Port Davidson Rd. It is a gravel road and easy to miss. If you hit a stop sign turn around and come back. We are the house on the right. Just ignore the dog and don't try to pet him.