Greek murder victim in "wrong place at wrong time"

Sandra Garvie-Lok really likes her job, even though it requires she help investigate a 1500-year-old murder. The victim, John Doe, is believed to have been a witness to the Slavic invasion of the Greek city of Nemea during the Byzantine era.

Garvie-Lok found that, due to cranial traum, the victim was probably killed while burying a few coins.  "It was common in Greece when things fell apart like this for people to bury coins under a rock or inside a wall, hoping that whoever was coming through wouldn't find it and maybe they could collect the coins and move on after things calmed down," said Garvie-Lok. "Of course, things didn't calm down for this guy."

An anthropologist for the University of Alberta, Garvie-Lok has published her findings in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology.