Trimaris Part of "Deep Impact" Comet Exploration Mission

Ainfean inghean Risdeag reports that citizens of the Kingdom of Trimaris, as supporters of the "Deep Impact" mission, have received a certificate verifying that the Kingdom will be named on the spacecraft. The certificate received from the Deep Impact scientific team reads as follows:

DEEP IMPACT MISSION First Look Inside a Comet

Participation Certificate
Presented to

Kingdom of Trimaris

On January 27, 2004

Thank you for your participation in the Deep Impact Discovery Mission to Comet Tempel 1. A compact disc bearing your name will be mounted on the impactor spacecraft that will collide with Tempel 1 making this the first mission ever to look deep inside a comet.

You are now part of the future discovery of clues about the beginning of our solar system as your name makes a Deep Impact!

Dr. Edward J. Weiler
Associate Administrator
NASA Office of Space Science Michael F. A'Hearn
Principal Investigator
Deep Impact Mission
University of Maryland

Certificate No. 544524

Reprinted by permission