Estrella War XXVII Pre-Registration now open

Every year in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a horn blows, a horn heard far across the Known World, beckoning all to prepare as War speedily encroaches upon us. That time to prepare begins now, and there is no better way to prepare han PRE-REGISTERING yourself and your family for EstrellaWar XXVII.

Some of the perks of pre-registration include: 

  • If you pre-register for a Monday arrival, you can enter the site one day earlier than those who pay General Admission for the event.

  • .Pre-registration .entrance fees are lower than the General Admission fees paid at the Troll/Gate.

  • The Troll/Front gate only accepts cash and traveler’s checks. Pre-registration fees may be paid by personal check when mailed prior to December31, 2010, or by money order when they are mailed prior to January 15,2011. MasterCard or Visa can only be used when pre-registration is paid on-line.

And introducing...The Estrella War XXVII PRE-PAY TO PLAY Installment Plan, a new way to Pre-Register for Estrella War.

Pre-registered attendees can now choose to pay their site fees in full as usual, or make a deposit and subsequent payments towards their site fee. Deposits are just $20 per adult, and $5 per youth, with additional payments to be paid in whole dollar increments. 

EstrellaWar XXVII will be held from February 14-21, 2011 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, Arizona. For more information, please visit the Estrella War XXVII web site, linked below.