SCA Announce: SCA Subsidiary class added at Pennsic

SCA President Sean o’Shaughnessy (Tom Hughes) reports that an additional session of the SCA Corporate Subsidiaries class has been added to the Pennsic 39 University schedule.

Tom Hughes writes:

Due to popular demand, Tom Hughes, President of the SCA Inc., is offering a class for Kingdom Seneschals and Kingdom Exchequers at the upcoming Pennsic War about the new SCA corporate subsidiaries.  The class is now being taught on two different days.

Original Message:

The President sends greetings to the Kingdom Exchequers of the Known World.

Are you going to Pennsic?

I am teaching a class on SCA subsidiary transitions.  As you may know, the SCA started forming subsidiaries last year.  Currently, we have completed the formation of SCA-Illinois, Inc.  SCA-Wisconsin and SCA-West Virginia are in process.  SCA-Michigan and SCA-New Jersey will be starting later this summer.  The class I am teaching will be held on Sunday, August 8 at 10 AM in AS10 tent.  The class will be repeated on Thursday, August 12 at 4 PM in AS10 tent.  The second class was added to allow interested parties to attend opening ceremonies on Sunday.  Please attend if you can.

Thanks in advance.

Sean o’Shaughnessy/Tom Hughe
SCA President

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