SCA Discount at Ozark Medieval Fortress

THL Melandra of the Woods, who modernly works as the Education Coordinator for Ozark Medieval Fortress, has announced that the organization is offering a discount to traveling SCA folk on their way to or from three of the SCA's major events this year.

THL Melandra writes:

I am pleased to announce that SCA members who choose to visit the Ozark Medieval fortress while traveling to or from the following events will, upon showing proof of SCA membership, be given the group discount.

Pennsic  2010 (Pennsylvania)
Diamond Wars 2010 (Arkansas)
Lilies  2011  (Kansas)

Other events may be added to this list.

For more information about the castle, directions, or contact information, please go to [the Ozark Medieval Fortress web site, linked below.]

Please cross post to any interested parties.

Thank you,

THL Melandra of the Woods
aka  Melinda LaFevers
Education Coordinator, OMF