[MER] Thing in the Woods VI

Are you tired of the heat? Looking for a nice cool place to lay down? Come on over to The Shire of Easaraigh's Thing in the Woods VI: The Return of the Thing on July 30 through August 1, 2010. We've got just the ticket for hot and tired.

Trees. That's right, Trees.

We don't have a lot in Easaraigh, but at the Parish Wilderness Reservation in Walling, TN we have hit the mother lode in heavily wooded havens.

Our local arborist has certified that each and every tree at our event site is capable of reducing the mean temperature within its radius by at least 15 to 20 degrees.

And, Parish is surrounded by water on three sides! Yes, it's a peninsula! That's good for at least another 10 degrees reduction. AND..the wind blows there! That's right the wind blows!

So, come on over to the Thing and have some fun..IN THE COOL, BREEZY SHADE!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that that we AREN'T CHARGING A SITE FEE?

No site fee, free shade to spare...you can't go wrong!

Wait! There's more!

We are going to have archery! The Iron Bow guild is going to hold a guild and shire shoot. There is a distinct possibility that some other sharp and pointy thing may be hurled. Hopefully, all of them will go down range.

And we aren't done yet!

For those who want to fight..IN THE SHADE.. we will have heavy and rapier tourneys. Double-elimination, William Marshal, Bob Hope and Shirley Temple tourneys may be held. I can almost guarantee a melee may or may not break out. Some..thing..will happen on the field. I CAN
guarantee that.

Think we've gone too far! Not quite yet..

For a low, low price, you can partake of food, expertly prepared. And, you guessed it, well be cooking part of the feast with WOOD! AMAZING, I know.

If that's not enough, we are going to have KUBB and other games setup for some leisurely competition.

Not enough?

Did I mention that throughout the day we will be holding a Moneychanger Contest? No? Well, yes we are. Intrigued? You'll have to come to find out more.


For a low, low, low price, we'll feed you, you can fight till your armor falls off, shoot till your bow breaks, play games into the night, eat food cooked with wood, and sleep under the stars all due to the great gift of the trees. Shade!

See you soon!

Ld Eoin Mac Cana called 'Clyde'
Autocrat -- Thing in the Woods VI
The Shire of Easaraigh