World Joust/Festival of History

Festival of History: Featuring period camps ranging from Rome to the Renaissance, costumed interpreters bring history to life at the Festival of History! Visitors are guaranteed an action packed weekend as history is revisited before their eyes!

From thrilling jousting competition to hair-raising demonstrations of military might join us as we take a journey back through time and discover some of the most exciting and fascinating events in European history.

Programs range from storytelling and talks on topics from warfare and chivalry to weaving cloth and making soap; hands on history such as spinning, embroidery, archery, sword practice, singing, dancing, games, pottery making and more. A blacksmith forges hot metal, an archer makes arrows for an army, all guaranteed to inform and enthrall. A Sword Master instructs all on the art of the sword, the Hundred Years War soldiers pass the time with backgammon, and Scotts demonstrate crafts and describe 16th century life. All of this surrounds the centerpiece of the weekend, a 2 day, 6 event 15th century tournament that will test the mettle and stamina of man and horse.

A wealth of activities for all ages and interests promises to make this an unforgettable weekend for the whole family. If you are only going to one event this summer, make it the Festival of History at the Tournament of the Phoenix!