SCA member vehicle stolen in Calontir

The HL Rebecca Beaumont reports that a white Chevrolet Suburban owned by Mistress Cathrine Anne Applebee & HL Ruaidhri MacMurrough was stolen July 18, 2010.

Her Ladyship writes:

Mistress Cathrine Anne Applebee & HL Ruaidhri MacMurrough (BDR)'s vehicle was stolen from their driveway last evening (July 18) between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.
The live in Overland Park, KS, off of Quiviria Rd between College and 119 (just South of Johnson County Community College)

It is a 1999 white Suburban
Rear License Plate XFR295
Front Plate (Vanity Plaque) AK Grown
It has a front push bumper with 6 lights
His mundane initials, AJ, were on the driver's door near the window
There was an eagle and masonic emblems on the tailgate

There was quite a bit of Catherine Anne's merchandise in the vehicle.

Any help would be appreciated.  If you have any information please contact the Overland Park Police Department at 913-895-6300
Their Mundane names are Elizabeth Ann and AJ Murphy.

I will be happy to pass on any information to them.

Please pass this information on to other lists as you see fit.
Thank you,

HL Rebecca Beaumont

Vehicle recovered

Miriam von Schwarzwald has provided an update on the theft of the vehicle.

Miriam von Schwarzwald writes:

The vehicle has been recovered by the police. It is not in the same condition and the merchandise is still missing. Thankfully they will not have to replace the SUV and it should be fine after insurance pays for the repairs (found at a chop shop before any major damage was done).

Catherine Ann's scrapbooking and craft supply merchandise was not recovered. For those in the region who go to swap meets etc... If you see a vendor suddnly have several tubs of this stuff and does not usually carry it... She would like to know. Much cannot be replaced and "craft supplies" are not well valued by insurance companies.

Miriam von Schwarzwald