Armor stolen at Caid's Crown Prints Prize event

William "Takumi" MacLyr, Kingdom of Caid Constable, reports that armor was stolen at the recent Crown Prints Prize event and asks the populace to be on the lookout to recover it if it is sold.

William "Takumi" MacLyr writes:

At CP prize his armour was stolen from the back of his truck.  Please be on the look out and forward to any list or other armour sites like armourarchive. If needed, I can forward the pictures.

William "Takumi" MacLyr - Kingdom of Caid Constable, GWW XIII Co-Steward

Mike has very limited internet access and as asked me to send you the armor description and pictures.
Armor description:

  • Breast plate and back plate are overlapping plates, aluminum with attached shoulders
  • Fluted arms with attached Thor's Hammer elbow cogs
  • Black standard SCA helm
  • Hockey Shin gards with silver design on the side.

Thank you again for all of your help. We both really appreciate it!
I hope you have a wonderful day  :)
-Rebekah Herterich