"Divine Right" of SCA Kings Survey to Wrap Up

The "Divine Right" of SCA Kings Survey Response Phase ends Feb. 4th, 2004. I'm wrapping the response portion of this project up in the next week. Please, if you have been intending to respond, take a minute to respond now as I will start the data analysis of the responses I've gotten on Feb. 4 (that's next Tuesday). Any responses received after that date won't be used.

For those of you who have responded, I thank you profusely. The initial insights provided by the raw data are absolutely fascinating.

Please send your responses to: tamm@portentinteractive.com

Here's the survey again:

I've been working through, off and on, a paper on the concept of the Crown in the SCA. I've gathered enough historical background on the idea of the Divine Right of Kings that I feel like I can now move forward and get some data on how individuals who are a part of the SCA feel and think of the Crown.

I am gathering opinions at this point so I ask the following questions. If any of you would be so kind as to answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Your answers will be treated as anonymous - your name stripped from your answers unless you indicate to me that you wish it otherwise.


1. The King and Queen are the most powerful people in their Kingdom.

2. The King is more powerful than the Queen.

3. The King and Queen make laws for the Kingdom.

4. The King and Queen decide who becomes a Peer.

5. The King and Queen are privileged with more information on issues than their populace.

6. The King and Queen are allowed to discipline their populace if they deem it necessary.

7. The King and Queen should be reverenced (bowed to) no matter what.

8. The King and Queen represent their Kingdom.

9. The King and Queen can remove Kingdom officers if they deem it necessary.

10. The King and Queen decide to whom to give various Kingdom level awards.


1. From where do you think that the Crown derives its authority?

2. Do you feel that the process of award is fair and equitable? If you do not, could the Crown do anything to make it better?

3. Should the Crown have to be answerable to the BoD?

4. Are there any responsibilities to being the Crown? If so, what are they?

5. Is there anything that the Crown is NOT allowed to do?

Thank you for your time and effort on this. Any assistance or help in this will be greatly appreciated.


Laurellen de Brandevin