Kingdom Exchequers invited to subsidiaries class at Pennsic War 39

Tom Hughes, President of the SCA Inc., is offering a class for Kingdom Exchequers at the upcoming Pennsic War about the new SCA corporate subsidiaries.

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board, posted the following public announcement from Tom Hughes, SCA President:

The President sends greetings to the Kingdom Exchequers of the Known World.

Are you going to Pennsic?

I am teaching a class on SCA subsidiary transitions.  As you may know, the SCA started forming subsidiaries last year.  Currently, we have completed the formation of SCA-Illinois, Inc.  SCA-Wisconsin and SCA-West Virginia are in process.  SCA-Michigan and SCA-New Jersey will be starting later this summer.  The class I am teaching will be held on Sunday, August 8 at 10 AM in AS10 tent.  Please attend if you can.

Thanks in advance.

Sean o’Shaughnessy/Tom Hughes
SCA President

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