Cooks from the East Kingdom Gather to Celebrate!

Lady Andrea McIntyre reports on the recent East Kingdom Cooking Collegium in Settmour Swamp where cooks gathered to share recipes, taste test and... cook! Lady Andrea writes:

At a recent event, the East Kingdom Cooks gathered with our Prince and Princess in their fair, but snowy Barony of Settmour Swamp to celebrate a day dedicated to food knowledge and feasting. The day was composed of classes on various subjects all related to food or the preparation of food. There were classes in redacting medieval recipes, translating German recipes, making cheese, making strudel, spices and savory seeds, Chinese and Spanish cooking, beer and ale making (complete with tasting tips), and much more.

Even the feast prep was taught as a class! One could go into the event a complete novice and emerge a well rounded cook! The newly reintroduced East Kingdom Cooks Guild also gathered here to welcome all who would wish to cook and share the camaraderie with like interested people.

In addition, there was an Iron Chef competition. These lucky chefs obtained the chance to compete by raffle. The Iron chefs: Iron Roses Gravin Victoria and Countess Brekke battled with spoons and rosewater against a newcomer Dietrich of Haus Von Halstern, and in the sated bellies of the judges a new Iron Chef was born. Hail Dietrich, master of the ingredient improv!!

The classes were most excellent, the feast prepared by the most capable hands of Baron Eirik and Baroness Mistress Merlynia was a wonder! The crab sotelty was adorable and the entertainment of Lady Isabeau D' Orleans and The Coribantes Compaignye truly topped off a great day. What a wondrous spectacle did we view!! We, the populace, left with minds and bellies full and are wondering when will we see a next one!

Lady Andrea MacIntyre
Crown Province of Ostgardr
East Kingdom