New DNA Research to Solve Columbus Mystery?

Discovery Channel: An ongoing investigation of the remains of Christopher Columbus may soon identify the explorer's final resting place once and for all. For years, researchers and travel agents have disputed the final resting place of the remains of Christopher Columbus. Both Santo Domingo and Sevilla, Spain claim to possess the remains, but a new DNA study undertaken by the University of Pavia in Italy may have the final word.

The university will test bone fragments from Santo Domingo, the site of Columbus' first landing. Historians say that the explorer's remains were buried in the Castilian city of Valladolid in upon his death in 1506, but then moved to Sevilla. Most accounts have the bones travelling to Santo Domingo, along with those of Columbus' son, Diego, where they were buried, only to be moved to Havana, Cuba in 1795 and eventually returned to Sevilla the same year. Some researchers, however, believe that the body taken was Diego, not Christopher, and that Christopher was reinterred in Santo Domingo.

The new DNA research hopes to detemine once and for all who is buried in Columbus' tomb and which tomb holds the real explorer.

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