Archaeologists Set to Evaluate Chester's Roman Amphitheatre

24 Hour Museum: A Roman amphitheatre discovered in the 1960s in the city of Chester, England, may soon be fully excavated, thanks to combined efforts of the Chester City Council and English Heritage. The Roman city of Deva near modern Chester, England, was one of Britain's most important forts. In the 1960's archaeologists discovered that an amphitheatre had been built nearby, but the site was never fully excavated. Now the Chester City Council and English Heritage are evaluating the site to decide if a full excavation would add to their knowledge of Roman life in the area. Researchers are using radar and an electro-magnetic survey to evaluate the site before they decide to dig. Existing historic buildings make excavation tricky.

The amphitheatre is believed to have been constructed around 70 CE and would have held 8,000 spectators.

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