Fires Banned from Lochac's Canterbury Faire

Due to an extreme risk of wildfires in the area of Lochac's Canterbury Faire, the building of campfire and the use of candle lanterns have been banned. Canterbury Faire will be held February 4-9, 2004 in the Barony of Southron Gaard near Christchurch, NZ. Roheisa, Canterbury Faire Steward, writes:

I have just spoken to the Waipara District Fire Warden, Len Smith. Len says the fire risk at present is EXTREME to the extreme, and he will not permit us to use candles, candle lanterns, kerosene lanterns or ANY other flame sources at Canterbury Faire. Even if there is significant rain, this is unlikely to change.

He will permit gas BBQs ONLY if they are used on the concrete pads (one at the Mong and one at Tui Shelter at the quiet end of the camp) or on the sanded area (centre of the camp), or if they are on specially constructed stone and gravel circles large enough to contain any fire should a BBQ tip over. The site Wardens will allow such circles to be built, but ONLY if done in such a way that ALL stone and gravel is later removed (stones in the mower are a huge fire risk themselves). Building the circle on top of a tarpaulin or other fabric is recommended.

Primus-style gas lanterns that light a mantle will be permitted, other kinds will not.

The kitchenette in the training centre and the kitchen at Tui Lodge will be open for use by any who need them, but the main kitchen will not. Limited use of the chiller will be allowed (please label all your food and drink), and there is also a fridge available in Tui Lodge. There are zips and power points at the training centre kitchen, the Tui Lodge kitchen and Tui Shelter. Please be considerate of others in your use of these facilities.


Please be advised that ALL campsites will need to have FILLED FIRE BUCKETS on hand at all times, preferably one per tent.

The site wardens have asked that our constables strictly monitor the camp for compliance with the fire ban. Anyone breaching the ban WILL be removed from site.

PLEASE bring electric torches and light sources. PLEASE do not bring candles, candle lanterns, kerosene lamps or other sources of flame.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but the Waipara area is suffering the worst drought in living memory and everything out there is tinder dry. We are, in fact, fortunate to have been allowed these few concessions.

Canterbury Faire Steward.