SCA Insurance Coverage for Trailers

Meg Baron, President, SCA Inc., comments on insurance coverage for SCA-owned trailers and the vehicles that pull them. Greetings unto the esteemed members of the Society:

I have been asked by our insurance agent to pass along the following important information for those who pull SCA-owned trailers. As you may know, the SCA's insurance covers trailers - but not the vehicles pulling them.

The insurance company requests and strongly recommends that anyone who pulls an SCA-owned trailer maintain a minimum of the following personal insurance on their vehicle:

US$300,000 combined single limit of liability
US$300,000 bodily liability injury AND US$100,000 property damage liability

Note that this is MINUMUM coverage. This is really good advice for the protection of the individual entrusted with the trailer.

Sincere regards,

Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.

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