Llandeilo Gospels May Return to Wales for the First Time in 1000 Years

IC Wales: The Llandeilo Gospels, the first document to be written in Welsh, may soon return to Wales for the first time in 1,000 years - in electronic format. The St. Chad Gospels, also known as the Llandeilo Gospels, reside in the vaults of Lichfield Cathedral. Now the Rev Dr Peter Bement, Vicar of St Teilo's Church, Llandeilo, would like a copy of the Gospels back, even if it's virtually. Conservators in Lichfield are not sure since the original is extremely fragile and fear the scanning process would damage the text.

"We understand concern in Lichfield about the fragile and light-sensitive nature of the gospels," said Dr Bement. "But this is one of the great cultural artefacts of medieval Wales."