Master John ap Griffin Hospitalized

Master John ap Griffin, former member of the Board of Directors, and early member of the Kingdom of the West and Kingdom of Caid, is currently hospitalized recovering from a heart attack. Mistress Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Master John's wife, writes:

We took John to Emergency this morning in the midst of what turned out *not* to be indigestion, and caught a heart attack in progress. After that, a lot of things happened to him including 3stents (sp?) and a whole lot of things stuck into him and dripping. They did some X-rays and sonargrams and all that stuff and it turns out he's had an earlier heart attack recently (we figure it was around the holidays when he had a serious "stomach upset.")

He is OK so far (I, however, need serious tranquilizing!) and will get yet anotherstent put in on Friday when he's stabilized and out of ICU. We don't know yet how long they'll keep him in the hospital. He's in one of the top heart specialist hospitals in the state, and everyone is giving him all kinds of care and attention.

There's nothing much anyone can do about this except wait. Lora and Jason have been such strong and loving support, and are making sure I am fed and handed a hot cup of tea now and then. Clark and Sherry Acton, our partners in Griffin Dyeworks and Fiber Arts, came by to just Be There, too, which was much appreciated.

Just thought I'd get the news out now and get it all over with. Don't send anything; he can't have flowers in ICU. He should not get phone calls. I'll let you know more as I know more, but this is all I can tell you now.