Court Photos from Middle Kingdom Twelfth Night's Publisher, Iustinos Tekton, provides 82 photos from Royal Court at last weekend's Twelfth Night celebration, and a brief review of a feast that was saved from near-disaster. There are no captions yet, so that we could get the photos online as soon as possible. Among the highlights of the Court:

  • Elevation of a new Pelican and a new Laurel
  • Induction of new members into the Order of the Evergreen and the Order of the Bronze Ring
  • Presentation of a large charitable donation by a new household, in the name of the Queen of the Midrealm (see Related Story below)

The feast was extensive in scope: twelve dishes, many of them quite elaborate, themed after the Twelve Days of Christmas, split over a total of five courses. Astonishing but true is the fact that Feastocrat, Master Llewellyn, learned less than one week before the event that kitchen renovations had not been completed on schedule, meaning the crew would have no stove and no sinks! "Llew and the Crew" improvised at the last minute, and they prepared the feast using gas grills under a tent -- in the middle of an ice and sleet storm. In spite of the difficulties, the feast was of excellent quality and food was delicious and plentiful. In this reporter's opinion, the outcome was nothing short of triumphant given the circumstances. hopes in the next several days to obtain a complete court report. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

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