New House of Courtesans Demonstrates Commitment to Service

A brand new household in the Middle Kingdom made its debut at the 12th Night Event in the Barony of the Middle Marches. Laughs, tears, joy, and a commitment to service followed le Maison de la Rouge before Their Glorious Majesties for their first dedication event this weekend.

A member of the household writes:

For many people, the SCA can become a bit intense and will lose its enjoyment if one isn't careful. After a particularly long event, the feast-o-crat was doing dishes with her Baroness and this very subject was touched upon. The woman thought outloud to herself. "What would make people happy and lighten the mood?" She pondered this question for several moments when it finally struck her! "Prostitutes! Everyone loves prostitutes!" And lo, the House of Il Re'Pute was born!

Over the next several months, the woman now known as Sylvie de la Lumiere Rouge, and Her Excellency, Ciara macRobbie Baroness of Northwoods, came up with several different concepts surrounding the household. Over time, and with the help of some wonderful people, Sylvie decided that the purpose of such a household should be to do good service while it educates people and elevates the status of women in the Society. The Household has grown both in number, and in purpose.

Now the Household has three groups of participants. The women of the Household make up the main portion of Courtesan madames and teachers. Sylvie's first oath-bound Ladies feature her Prime Mistress, Damiana Cardona, and Mistress of Deportment Ophelia deSetvans. Future members will take classes to earn the title of Courtesan and serve the Household and the Society. The men make up our regiment of Household guards, as no lady goes unattended at events. The daunting task of recruiting and training the guards falls onto Captain of the Guard BlackJack Flint, friend of Sylvie, Man to Ophelia, and Captain of the pirate ship The Raptor. If a man or woman has a taste for weaponry and taking the field, they will fall under the watchful eye of the Household Champion, Barrett ap Llewellyn.

The Household has also changed names in the course of its growth. It is now called le Maison de la Rouge, the House of the Red. The Household will be merchanting at events by way of providing services such as neck and hand massages, foot baths, silent auctions for items donated by merchants, and eventually the renting of guards, ladies, and fighters for the day (sorry, no hanky panky!). Each member of the Household has a special gift or talent that they donate to service, and they work very hard for a common cause. It is the vow of each and every member of le Maison de la Rouge that 100% of all money donated for services rendered will be saved until one 12th Night event a year, at which time it shall be turned over to Her Reigning Majesty for the charity of her choice. The only control over the donation is that it shall not be used to support any political or religious organization.

As the Household grows, more services shall be offered to the Society. This group is loyal to the Middle Kingdom, but it has been garnering the support of talented and caring persons throughout the Society.

The Madame of la Rouge would like to extend her sincerest gratitude to Her Gracious Majesty, Guenievre du Dragon Vert for her kindness and support! This year, the Household was able to donate $500 to the ASPCA, as chosen by Her Majesty! His Majesty was also an incredible joy to play with at Court, and his good nature and kind spirit will forever be remembered by our family!

If anyone has any questions regarding the Household, please feel free to contact Grande Madame Sylvie de la Lumiere Rouge at . She will make every attempt to get back to you within 48 hours of your email!

Boundless thanks and our gratitude to all who have shown us love and support to make our deeds possible!

Yours in Service,

Sylvie de la Lumiere Rouge
and the members of le Maison de la Rouge

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