Chivalry Auction Collects Funds for the Canadian Cancer Society

The second annual 12th Knight Auction in AnTir was a success with over $1000 raised for the Canadian Cancer Society. Sir Daniel, who chaired the Second Annual 12th Knight Auction, in which members of the Chivalry donated goods and services to be auctioned for the benefit of the Canadian Cancer Society, considers this year's endeavor a success. He writes:


The Second Annual 12th Knight Auction is now finished. In my opinion it was a great success!

The final total was 1045$ raised for the Canadian Cancer Society. I'll be sending off all the checks and making a cashiers check for the cash probably next week (or earlier if I can make it to the bank before the weekend)

The two biggest Thank Yous go to Master Grendal and my lady, C�. Grendal was an excellent Auctioneer and, as with last year, C� was the calm eye of the storm. She made sure all donors and bidders received their contact info and made sure every penny was accounted for properly.

Let me also thank Team Haggis and both their outgoing and incoming Royal Majesties for allowing us the time and space to hold this auction. They should all feel proud to share responsibility for allowing this enterprise to happen at 12th Night.

I'd also like the thank the bidders. It was your money after all we are going to be sending up to BC. An auction is only as successful as the bidders are generous.

And finally, to the Chivalry of An Tir (and Sir Roberts Household) Your donations of material and service are the other half of the equation. It says a lot about people who donate so freely, knowing their goods and services may not go for 'fair market value' but you set your egos aside and realized that ANY donation to a cause is important.

Largesse is alive and well in both the Chivalry and populace of An Tir.

As a side note, although I'm quite happy with the outcome this year, (we made about 1500$ last year but with more than 2x the donations) we've already started planning on how to make next years even better. It has become obvious that timing is everything. The larger the bidding pool the more cash there will be.

In an effort to expand that pool, I will be doing a LOT more advertising next year. Word of mouth and mailng lists alone are not enough. Thee will likely be a website next year, as well as write ups in all the local newsletters and maybe the Crier. If anyone reading this has any pull with their local Chronicler, you can help by adding what influence you can to get this advertised early and often.

Also, as a note to whomever wins the next Crown Tourney and the Autocrat for the next 12th Night, be aware that I will likely be approaching you within days of Crown to secure time and space *IMMEDIATELY* prior to the final court of the reign. Everyone agrees that is the best time to hold the auction and we'll make every effort to make this a reality next year.

I hope everyone had some fun, there was plenty of emotion around the auction this year, all of it good. I look forward to next year as well.

In Service,

Sir Daniel